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Thank you to those parents who have used our “feedback box”.  We thought you’d be interested to read the feedback…

“I am really happy with Pucklechurch Playgroup.  My child always has a great time and looks forward to each session.  It is very welcoming to parents – the informal atmosphere makes us comfortable to stay as long as we want to.  All staff are very friendly and approachable – I think it’s excellent.”

Idea: “Road safety awareness – mock up a road and get the children to cross it safely while Daisy rides up and down in a toy car!!!!!”

“I am so happy with Pucklechurch Playgroup.  My child has settled in very well and is always excited to go.  He speaks very fondly of all the staff.  More outdoor play would be a bonus.”

“I like the fact that the daily snack is both healthy and vairied and that the price is included in session cost.  You are all superb!  (and the website is superb).”

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